• Advising the itineraries to follow as soon as you enter the port, facilitating the recognition of the parking lot corresponding to your ferry and your destination, indication of the easiest ways to reach the main arterial roads (highway, exc.) while leaving the port.
  • Informing regarding the embarkation and departure timetables of your ferry, and regarding the customs procedures concerning the check-in (tickets and documents necessary for that operation)
  • Dispensing the necessary informations to lorry drivers and passengers waiting to execute the customs procedures and/or waiting for the control of the documents (in case of non-European countries)
  • Dispensing logistical informations about the relocation of other port operators such as maritime agencies, currency exchange, banks, couriers, exc.
  • Suggesting the tourist opportunities offered by our territory, to catch while waiting to board or later after the disembarkation, also counseling the means of transportation and connection to reach those destinations.  

Boarding cargo management

Informations service

Left luggage

Luggage carriage

Shuttle bus

Disabled transport

Guided tours