•           Indication of timetables of the articulated lorries entry in the port based on the respective ferry.
  •           Opening and closing of the docks, in collaboration with the Port Authority, on the basis of timetables prearranged by our staff so that the maximum capacity of acceptance in aforementioned areas can be reached and the promiscuity of cargo avoided, facilitating in a considerable way the boarding operations.
  •           Division of the vehicles planned to embark and their resulting placement according to the ferry of scope, to the relativedocking destination, to their arrangement inside the ferry.
  •           Coordination with the accountable Authorities of the arriving and leaving traffic management, in the areas of Mandracchio and Fiera during the days when traffic is more intense.
  •           Organisation and planning of specific port areas on the occasion of events, trade shows, with specific cargo previsions and every other situation that causes the locating of additional spaces without having them to create annoyance to the normal port activities.
  •           Supervision service of the traffic in the port area and nearby the new ticket office, coordinated with the accountable Authorities.

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