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Dorica Port services is a society established in March 2000 with the aim of managing the traffic of passengers and means of transportation inside Ancona’s port. The experience acquired by all the members in this service has grown since 1997 employed by Central Adriatic Ports Authority. It allows us to know and consequentially act in an accurate and punctual way on timing and modalities of organising and traffic fluxes managing involving ferries and forecast destinations in our seaport. Therefore our enterprise is able to satisfy a series of complex necessities in terms of logistics and informations, that have affected our seaport over the past few years, always revealing a significant traffic of both passengers and heavy goods vehicles. The Passengers Assistants Service positioned in proximity to every main area involved in the passengers and means of transportation traffic, the complete helpfulness of the operators and their proficiency, made a clear improvement of the assistance quality possible. An assistance that turns out to be aware of the concrete necessities of people who choose Ancona’s port as a departure or arrival destination for their own movements. One of the essential requirements to conduct this enterprise is a good knowledge of the mainly used languages in Ancona’s port. English, German, French, Greek and Croatian are essential tools to be able to precisely understand requests and advance the best solutions. .

Integrated services for Tourism


The Company is additionally researching for innovations and improvements that can get the Service closer and closer to Ancona’s port users in order to obtain the full satisfaction of our passengers, the Central Adriatic Ports Authority (which firmly believed in this enterprise) and all the port operators (who we created an intense collaboration with). Therefore, our big wish is to:
-    Offer the passengers the opportunity to know, in real time, the routes and arrival times at the port, the structures and main rest areas, the docks and the boarding or disembarkation modalities;
-    Make the complete and daily updated chart concerning every ferry, destination and arrival or departure timetable available to involved people;
-    Display the various services, such as the luggage storage management and the Port tours (scholastic or not);
-    Lend the Passengers Assistance Service more visibility, trying to receive suggestions and observations that could turn out to be useful to the constant improvement of the enetrprise and the welcome in our port;
-    Show the features and the potentiality of the business, the services we mean to offer, also in a not strictly port field, for example interpreting activity, translation activity, fair entourage activity, exhibitions, tourist itineraries, exc.