On the 1st of July Croatia officialy joined the European Union, the 28th member state.

On the 18th December 2012, the Regulations no. 1177/2010  of the European Parliament and Council concerning the RIGHTS OF THE PASSENGER travelling by sea and through inner navigable routes, is entered into force.

1. The speed limit inside the Port is 30km/h: do not cross it, and follow carefully the road signage.

2. We suggest you to book the trip fairly in advance for July and August.

3. At you entrance in port you will be received by a Passengers Assistant. The entrance in port is allowed only after doing the check-in c/o the Maritime Ticket Office located in Enaudi street (Ancona’s Port industrial area). DOWNLOAD THE APP "WELCOME TO ANCONA"

4. Follow carefully the instructions given by the Passengers Assistants before boarding as well as during the disembarkation. Remember: they’re working for you.

5. Since the high traffic during the summer period, you need to leave your car in the ferry-related parking lot, avoiding congesting the limited areas of the Maritime Ticket Office. Every embarking vehicle needs the ticket and to check-in before entering the port. The Ticket Offices are positioned outside, where you can also find catering services, toilets, exc. The parking lots inside the port are connected to the Ticket Offices by a free shuttle bus service, there about every 25 minutes, operative from mid-Monday until the departure of the last ship (www.conerobus.it). 

6. Starting from the 1st of February 2012, a free transport of disabled or people with limited mobility service by an equiped minibus  has been arranged by the Port Authority. The service will be provided by the Croce Gialla volountary association. Requests for the aforementioned service can be directly made by the person concerned through the Maritime Agency via fax and/or by telephone to the Port Authority, with with minimum 24 hours advance notice.

7. If you arrive at the Port well in advance, we suggest you to visit Ancona and surroundings (refer to the itineraries section with our indications), otherwise inside the “Welcome to Ancona” app you will find the "Discover Ancona in 100 minutes" icon and useful information.

8. CHECK-IN is the first and main procedure to carry out before entering the embarkment areas. Show  up at the maritime company box you will be travelling with. Make sure you will have:

a) biglietti o voucher che ti ha rilasciato l'agenzia di viaggi o prenotazione on-line;
b) documento d'identità valido per l'espatrio di tutte le persone che partono con te;
c) documenti del veicolo che intendi imbarcare (escluse le biciclette). Appena effettuato il check-in sarà possibile entrare in porto.

9. Ricordati di chiedere sempre al personale della Agenzia Marittima l'ora di imbarco (abitualmente 2 o 3 ore prima della partenza).

10. Done? Now you are going to embark for Croatia, Turkey, Albania or Montenegro. The border police will ask for the passport visa (or identity card valid for expatriation or any other equivalent travel document). The driving licence is not valid. The passport check starts 2 hours before the ship departure. Starting from the 26th of June 2012, to cross the borders, every italian minor will have to be equiped with a personal travel document.

11. At the same time of the embarkement:

A) Do not hinder the disembarkation operations with unauthorized stops even if for a little while;
B) Avoid double rows and hazardous overtakings;
C) The structure of the port and the intense summer traffic could cause queues or temporary inconveniences: remember that you are on holiday, so relax and ENJOY YOUR TRIP!!!

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